Sihaya & Company Candles

Here you will find limited edition candles! With unique, hand-blended fragrances (no stock oils here!), these candles are made from a special blend of paraffin waxes specifically created to burn long, burn clean, and maximize scent. They are approximately 6.5 oz of wax by weight, have braided cotton wicks, and as a special finishing touch, feature a sparkling overspray of iridescent, candle-safe glitter!

Currently Available Collections:

The Bellydance Collection:

Shimmy: Moroccan orchid, wild poppy, and sugared amber with the slightest hint of juicy peach.
Taqsim: A sultry, spicy blend of ginger and red saffron, deepened by rich bourbon vanilla. Utterly decadent.
Zaghareet: A bright, fresh, clear scent. Moroccan mint, lemon, and fresh basil.

The Fortune Teller Collection:

Arcana: Blood orange shrouded in a haze of dragon's blood incense.
Futhark: The scent of a Scandinavian wildwood: fresh woods, lingonberry, and bayberry.
Ogham: Green fig, tart lemon, cedar, oak, musk, and cucumber.
Spirit Board: A rich and heady mix of dark chocolate, two ambers, vanilla bean pods, golden musk, and a smattering of arcane herbs.
The Cup of Fortune: A steaming mug of tannic black tea, perfumed delicately with aromas of rose, jasmine, and almond cream.
The Scrying Stone: An inscrutable accord of black stone, polished to a mirror finish. Oud, olibanum, bergamot, and dry amber.

The Pirate Collection:

Black Tide: Salt water, driftwood, and the slightest warmth of amber.
Jolly Roger: A bracing scent: tart grapefruit, rosemary, and garden mint. 
Nassau: Carribbean teakwood, lime, and coconut. 
Port Royal: Hot buttered rum spiced with cardamom.
Tortuga: Smoky clove, market spices, red cedar, well-worn leather, and a whisper of salt. 

The Tam Lin Charity Collection: 

Janet: Two freshly-plucked roses and worn brown saddle leather.
Tam Lin: Tart juniper berry, green apple, woodland vines, and cassia spice.
The Faery Queen: Night-blooming flowers, a moonlit path, and a dribble of something sinister.

Resurrection / Other Collections:

Equinox: Ripe, red apples, sweet cider, and brisk fall air.
Lavender & Cream: The scent of soft lavender made silky smooth with the addition of fresh cream and coconut milk.
Mab: A blend of three vanillas with kisses of mango and orange blossom. 
Persephone Descending: Pomegranate, cranberry, and just a touch of dragon's blood to soften the edges.
The Memory of Snow: Silky almond cream, delicate spun sugar, a dash of nutmeg, and the memory of snow.