Join us for a trip into the fantastic unknown with our High-Fantasy themed Summer box! Each of these products has been inspired by a High Fantasy book, character, or trope. We aim to stir the imagination and envigorate the soul. 

The box will feature:
  • A 5-free, exclusive nail polish by Blush LacquersEvenstar:  A periwinkle base with a violet sheen, blue microflakes and holographic pigment.
  • An exclusive vegan cosmetic duo by Crow & Pebble. You will receive one half-size each of an exclusive eye shadow and highlight. Highlight: The River-Daughter:  A beautiful young woman with golden hair and the flush of youth, the River-Daughter is the guardian spirit of forest streams. A light, berry-pink highlight with a golden shimmer overlay. Also acts as a shimmery blush on fairer skin tones. There is 2 grams of product in this item. Eyeshadow: Asleep Under the Willow: The afternoon warmth lulls heroes to sleep under the golden-green shade of a willow-tree, but this glen is a deadly place for a rest. An ancient evil is imprisoned here. This eyeshadow is the golden green of summer willow leaves, shot through with sparks of golden sunshine. There is 1 gram of product in this item. 
  • A 4 oz exclusive vegan lotion by LatheratiCelaena's Chambers:  Lotus blossom, rose, nutmeg, mahogany & rosewood.
  • A 4 oz, vegan fragrance mist by Poesie Perfume. This product can be used as a room spray, linen spray, or as personal fragrance. Queen of Air + Darkness: A veil of mystery and enchantment. Deadly nightshade berries, hypnotic dragon's blood resin, cold earth, deep forest, and a hint of blackest leather.
  • An 8 oz, exclusive vegan candle by Sihaya & Company. The Unicorn: Only those truly pure of heart can glimpse a unicorn. A sweet and innocent confection of rainbow sherbet topped with coconut shavings and a cherry.
  • A magically-inspired, color-shifting petite locket pendant by Sihaya Designs Jewelry. It will feature silver plated findings. 
  • A delicious treat of honey lavender shortbread cookies by Whimsy & Spice. These cookies contain both honey and butter.

Cost: $65 plus shipping.
Availability: 50 boxes. The box will pre-order during the month of May or until it sells out.
Shipping: The box will ship near the end of the second week of June. Any additional items (jewelry, candles, perfume) purchased with your box will ship at the same time.
$ 65.00