Join us for for a circle around the cauldron beneath the full moon!

WE ARE NOW SOLD OUT! Thank you so much!

They will ship on or before October 14th.

Additionally, multiple orders placed on the same day will be combined, and appropriate shipping fees refunded. If you'd like to order your box quickly and then peruse the site at your leisure for additional goodies, you may do so! 

The box will include:
  • A 5ml travel liquid lipstick by Apocalyptic Beauty. Hex: Violet purple with red shift and sparkle. Vegan.
  • A 5ml perfume oil by Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab. Song of the Morrigan: She is the guardian of her people, the spirit of war, the spinner of fate, and the blood-hot sweetness of victory in battle. A chorus of crows descending on a shadowed battlefield: dusky patchouli, bone-white Hojari frankincense, rose thorns, rue, and mugwort. Vegan.
  • A deliciously spooky enamel pin by Cat Coven
  • A small package of skull-shaped sugar cubes by DemBones. Vegan.
  • A 1 oz tea by Dryad Tea. Black Cats and Pointy Hats: Deep apple and fruity pomegranate blend will mulled spice to create a tea that is perfect for the harvest season. Delicious with or without milk and sweetener. Vegan.
  • A 4 oz 4-in-1 gel by MoonaLisa.  Use it as a fantastic shampoo, shower gel, bubble bath or fabric cleaner. Forager's Grove: She forages through her favorite and familiar hidden grounds. Nestled safely in her woods, she gathers in her basket the darkest of woody ambers, dry balsamic resins she picks from the bark of her favorite beloved trees. She inhales deeply sweet sugared blackberry stained fingertips. Far off in the distance, her warm hearth beckons her back, with the faintest hint of toasted caramel notes of fresh roasted coffee brewing over the fire. Complex woody, smoky essence of smoldering magic lay a foundation for this hypnotic scent! Blended with deep, rich notes of dank woods, sweet balsamic aromas of resinous leaves and twigs, intoxicating toasted sugared wild blackberries and hints of comforting roasted coffee. Vegan.
  • A 6 oz bar of glycerin soap by Paintbox Soapworks in a best-selling Sihaya & Company scent. Sisterhood of the Moon: Amber, crackling fires, woody oakmoss, and warm vanilla. Vegan.
  • An 8 oz candle by Sihaya & CompanyThe Thinning Of The Veil: Carved pumpkins, smoky oudh, black amber, and smoldering dragon's blood resin. Vegan.

$ 65.00