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Musa Venit Carmine - The Goddess Inspires Our Song. Named after Christina's favorite Mediaeval Baebes song, this box is a celebration of the first signs of Spring and the Goddesses who bring them forth.

Cost: $65


  • A beautiful vegan lip color by Crow & Pebble! Season's Whisper: A warm pink lip balm with a whisper of blue shimmer and an Earl Grey Tea scent.
  • A gorgeous 5ml eau de parfum by Deconstructing EdenMusa Venit Carmine: Gently warming earth, pale green grasses, peonies, apple blossoms, green strawberries, green pomegranates, daffodils, cool air, and soft sunlight.
  • An ounce of delicious loose-leaf tea from Dryad Tea. Ambrosia Skies: There's a place where the skies are always bright, shades of pink and orange that remind one of spring. They are called the Ambrosia Skies of Faerie. Bright grapefruit pairs with fresh pomegranate and blueberry for a refreshing fruity green tea.
  • A trio of delectable vegan lollies by Leccare Lollipops. White Peach Rose, Marigold Lemon, and Marshmallow Hibiscus.
  • A 4 oz vegan-friendly glycerin soap bar by LuvMilk. Floralia: Sweet magnolia, peonies, acai flowers, fresh arugula, and basil.
  • A duet of vegan face products from Paintbox Soapworks to give you a Goddess's radiant glow.
    -- Flutterbutter Whipped Daily Facial Cleanser: Light & lemony, Flutterbutter is a gentle daily treat for your face! Skin-loving rice bran, jojoba, high-oleic sunflower, pumpkin seed, & borage flower oils get fluffed up with SLS-free cream soap & a kiss of essential oils. The result is a luxurious whipped butter that instantly emulsifies into a foamy cleanser, gently lifting oil & grime & rinsing cleanly away. Your face will feel fresh as a daisy, light as butterfly wings! Coconut oil- & shea-free, vegan, no SLS, phthalates or parabens. (2.1 oz.)
    -- Poesy Complexion & Linen Mist: A pretty poesy for your pretty face! Sweet rose & lavender with herbaceous rose geranium to soothe & hydrate stressed skin. Misting it over your face before applying my moisturize or over your sheets & lace-edged handkerchiefs! Please note that Poesy contains NO PRESERVATIVES. Keep your bottle away from extreme temperatures, & use it up within 3 months of purchase. (2 oz.)
  • A sparkling 8 oz candle tin by Sihaya & Company. Ostara: The first warm winds of spring bring the sweet scent of fig, blackcurrant, berry, and rhubarb with hints of white jasmine and curling green ferns.

All photos taken by The Redolent Mermaid and used with permission.