Past Boxes

2018 BOXES


Cost: $60

  • A 4oz whipped scrub by Indie Beautique. These decadent scrubs are also palm and coconut free, and use fair trade sugar! Vio'nilla: Delicate violets supported by sweet, creamy vanilla.
  • A colorful 4oz shampoo by Luvmilk Bath and Body. Tremble Dance: Honeysuckle, lilac, blooming jasmine, Anjou pear, a touch of lush greenery, vanilla bean, and sweet honey nectar.
  • A 5ml perfume oil by Nui Cobalt Designs. Glen Echo In Spring: Budding dogwood, forget-me-nots, sunlight on spring water, cotton flower, and smoky birch.
  • A 6oz glycerin soap bar by Paintbox Soapworks. Elysian Woods: Cedar woods, ice cold streams, & tender woodland flowers shaking off the last chill of winter, basking in the warmth of golden amber, bergamot, & wild honeycomb.
  • A trio of delicious artisan lollipops from Pamplemousse Sucre!
  • A 10.5ml, 10-free nail polish by Parchment Nail Polish. Charmed: A creamy, dreamy, pale pink.
  • A glittering, 8 oz candle by Sihaya & CompanyLe Papillon (The Butterfly): A flutter of orange blossoms, a flit of jasmine, and two soft, golden ambers.