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Cost: $60

  • A 4oz whipped scrub by Indie Beautique. These decadent scrubs are also palm and coconut free, and use fair trade sugar! Vio'nilla: Delicate violets supported by sweet, creamy vanilla.
  • A colorful 4oz shampoo by Luvmilk Bath and Body. Tremble Dance: Honeysuckle, lilac, blooming jasmine, Anjou pear, a touch of lush greenery, vanilla bean, and sweet honey nectar.
  • A 5ml perfume oil by Nui Cobalt Designs. Glen Echo In Spring: Budding dogwood, forget-me-nots, sunlight on spring water, cotton flower, and smoky birch.
  • A 6oz glycerin soap bar by Paintbox Soapworks. Elysian Woods: Cedar woods, ice cold streams, & tender woodland flowers shaking off the last chill of winter, basking in the warmth of golden amber, bergamot, & wild honeycomb.
  • A trio of delicious artisan lollipops from Pamplemousse Sucre!
  • A 10.5ml, 10-free nail polish by Parchment Nail Polish. Charmed: A creamy, dreamy, pale pink.
  • A glittering, 8 oz candle by Sihaya & Company. Le Papillon (The Butterfly): A flutter of orange blossoms, a flit of jasmine, and two soft, golden ambers.


Cost: $65

  • A trio of witchy art postcards by The Carterhaugh School of Folklore and the Fantastic.
  • A delicious 2 oz loose leaf tea blend from Cherie Anne Designs. This magical potion brews blue, and turns purple with the addition of a little bit of lemon! Butterfly Pea Tea: Apple pieces, carrot pieces, bean peels, ginger pieces, natural flavor, goji berries, raisins, butterfly pea blossoms.
  • A luxurious bath truffle from Dreaming Tree Soapworks. A vegan hybrid bubble bath / bath melt, these delights in their Midnight Margaritas scent will smooth your skin so you can dance naked under the full moon. (But the nudity is optional, as you well remember!
  • An art jewelry talisman from Glamourkin. You will receive a magical, wearable, one-of-a-kind poetry pendant featuring art from vintage fairytale books. The pendant states, as a reminder for your own magic: "Each word you speak, a spell."
  • A glittering, 8oz candle by Sihaya & Company. It's Practically Magic: A sprinkle of rosemary, a blanket of lavender, a plume of sage smoke, and a palmful of pink rose petals.
  • A 5ml artisan perfume by Sucreabeille. Fall in Love Whenever You Can: A rich, sultry vanilla, a perfect red rose, spicy coumarin, a touch of labadanum, and a whisper of wormwood.
  • A gorgeous witch bottle by Vasilion Apothecary. A bewitching bottle of flowers and herbs, gathered by hand and dried to attract and nourish love. Whether it's platonic, romantic, or familial, this bottle represents love in all forms. You can place it on your altar or sacred space or carry it with you.
  • A soft wash of color for your lips in the form of Wild Rose Herbs' Roseberry Natural Lip Tint. This vegetarian tinted balm is naturally colored with Alkanet, Elderberry and Rosehip for a sheer reddish-pink reminiscent of rose petal jam. Sweet organic strawberry and soft floral rose extracts give this lip tint a deliciously feminine flavor.


Cost: $65

  • An exclusive 8ml perfume oil by Astrid Perfume. Dust & Topaz: The warm glow of golden topaz muted by a layer of dust. Ancient amber, saffron, ruby grapefruit, golden ginger, orange, champagne, and white tea softened by fig, rice flower, cedar, redwood accord, shea, and a touch of smoke.
  • An exclusive soap by Aylamethyst Soaps. Amber & Amethyst: A spellbinding blend of black amber and lavender.
  • A mini size of an exclusive blush by Crow and Pebble. Sugar Maple: Reminiscent of and inspired by the leaves of a maple in the fall. An autumnal red that leans a bit cool.
  • An 8 oz bath salt by Sound Sight Tarot made with essential oils by Heather Geiselbrecht. The Hermit: The Hermit reminds us to go within and find out own unique wisdom, which is like a beautiful diamond. This bath salt combines cedarwood, vanilla, lavender, clary sage and vetiver to help you relax and meditate so you can find your shine!
  • A copper acorn charm pendant by Sihaya & Company featuring shimmering amber fire-polished glass.
  • A glittering, 8 oz candle by Sihaya & Company. Autumn Jewels: Opulent Egyptian amber, ripe amethyst figs, decadent brown sugar smoky quartz, and spiced caramel tiger eye.
  • A spiced apple cider caramel bar by Virtuoso Confections. Based on their delicious vanilla caramel, it has been infused with the crisp and slightly tart flavor of apple cider together with mulling spices such as cinnamon, allspice, clove and orange and lemon peel. It’s finished with a generous splash of Crown Royal Regal Apple Bourbon Whiskey. The taste of autumn in every bite.


Cost: $65

  • A magical 4oz bath spell by Cattail Apothecary. Awaken Intuituon Ritual Bath Potion: Mugwort, mullein, lavender, clove, clary sage, yarrow and patchouli greet your senses and awaken your intuition. Perfect for use before meditation sessions, divination or sleep especially as the veil thins around Halloween/Samhain. Note: This product contains a small amount of yarrow, which may not be suitable for pregnant women.
  • An ounce of delectable black tea by Dryad Tea. Black Cats and Pointy Hats: All things autumn, mulled spices and apples. Delightful with honey and great to drink as crisp leaves fall from trees ready to sleep for the season.
  • A 4oz artisan soap bar, The Augur, by Little and Grim. Botanomancy: Fruit-laced herbal smoke and spicy glowing embers. Notes of fig, apple, lemon, ginger, sage, frankincense, caramel, cinnamon, and smoke.
  • An 8oz artisan candle by Sihaya & Company. The Thinning of the Veil: Carved pumpkins, smoky oudh, black amber and smoldering dragon's blood resin.
  • A .15oz lip tint by Sihaya & Company. Sisterhood of the Moon: An enchanting sheer blackberry with entrancing sparkle. This item contains beeswax, but no carmine.
  • A 6ml perfume oil by Sixteen92. The Witching Hour: Dense fog, charcoal ash, a burned cedar chest, sacred willow, knotted roots, silver needle, and a salt circle beneath a starless sky.
  • A gorgeous enamel pin inspired by Black Phillip by The Pickety Witch.

All Box images courtesy of The Redolent Mermaid