ANNE OF CLEVES Tudor Medallion Necklace

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The first installment of the Tudor Ladies series features a resplendent antique brass medallion pendant featuring the lovely Anne of Cleves.

It hangs suspended from a brass chandelier, and drips a cascade of crimson swarovski crystal. This is the infamous portrait painted by Hans Holbein to tempt the King, who claimed that it showed Anne in uncommonly (and falsely) handsome light. Although I agree with many modern historians that Henry was just upset that Anne didn't fawn all over his old, smelly self! I have sealed it beneath a layer of crystal clear resin to preserve and protect it.

The pendant has an overall pendant drop of 3 1/2", and measures 1 1/2" wide. The chain measures 17" long and is adorned by red glass accents. An extender can be added upon request.