A tribute to the longest night, where the stars shine brilliantly overhead in a sapphire jewel sky. There is a sacred stillness in the air as flaming hearths warm the heart and the snow falls softly down. 

The box will contain:

  • A 4 oz, vegan, dual-purpose bath and shower oil by BlooddropQuietly to myself, I stride across the snow, beneath the midnight sky: Crystalline black ozone, shimmering starry musk, powdery and sugary snow accord, silver pine needles, frozen juniper berries, and cold, blushing skin.
  • A 4 oz, vegan bar of soap by Firebird Bath & BodySnowfall: Glittering flakes clinging to spruce needles, collecting on bare branches, and gently falling to the frozen ground. This shimmering glycerin soap bar is scented with a blend of sweet balsam and spruce, crisp winter air, icy peppermint, soft vanilla, and a touch of amber.
  • A full size bar of vegan cacao by Immortal Mountain. First Frost: The peppermint chocolate experience with a twist: a strong dose of Maple and hints of Vanilla. Sweetened with pure, organic Vermont Maple Sugar. Please consume your bar upon opening your box, or refrigerate until you're ready to enjoy!
  • A full size, exclusive, vegan bottle of glittering, 10-free nail polish by Lucky 13 Lacquer. Heart of Winter: Sparkling silver holographic flecks in a midnight blue base. Like snow falling on a clear Winter’s night.
  • An exclusive, full size vegan lip gloss by Shiro Cosmetics. Warm and Bright: A golden champagne shade with pink and gold flecks.
  • An 8 oz candle tin by Sihaya & Company. Solstice: Honeyed figs, soft bayberry, woolen blankets, and a steaming mug of Earl Grey tea.
  • An exclusive pair of earrings by Wyrding Studios. Star Songs For The Longest Night: Vintage firepolished glass beads shift between icy clear and deep winter blue with flashes of iridescence, suspended from delicate scrolls of hand-sculpted silver-filled wire. They measure 1.5 - 2" from the bottoms of their sterling silver earwires. Titanium earwires are also available-- please email me for this option!

Our Winter box will pre-order in the month of November, or until quantities sell out. It will ship at the end of the first week of December. 
$ 68.00